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FCG Coach is a network aimed at recognizing and supporting coaches who excel in developing junior golfers into successful collegiate players. Rather than being a ranking list, we focuses on connecting parents of aspiring college golfers with coaches who have the necessary expertise and track record to help their children achieve their dreams.

FCG Coach serves to both recognize and support coaches in their efforts to develop young golfers, and to educate parents about the college golf journey, facilitating connections with expert coaches to enhance junior golfers’ prospects of collegiate play.

Member Benefits

Why Join FCG Coach?

Our focus is to promote and grow your coaching business

FCG Coach is a network of trusted coaches who have a proven track record of developing junior golfers into successful collegiate players.
It aims to recognize their efforts, educate parents about the college golf journey, and facilitate connections between parents and qualified coaches. Let FCG & Thrive Sports promote your business today!

Experience the various benefits to becoming a part of the FCG Coach Network:


From the FCG Coach Team

"I am proud to be part of a platform that bridges the gap between aspiring golfers and top-notch coaching. Our motto, 'The right coaching can make a world of difference,' is embodied in every aspect of our program.

Dana Dahlquist PGA & LPGA Tour Coach

As a founder, I've witnessed countless players thrive under our guidance, not just in their athletic skills, but in their journey towards college golf. FCG Coach isn't just about golf; it's about shaping the future of young athletes."

Chris Smeal Founder - Future Champions Golf

Creating FCG Coach was inspired by a vision to recognize and connect exceptional coaches with young, aspiring golfers. This commitment to excellence is what sets us apart and is why I believe FCG Coach is an invaluable resource for both athletes and their parents in the journey through college golf."

Alex Weber CEO, Thrive Sports