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FCG Coach is a network aimed at recognizing and supporting coaches who excel in developing junior golfers into successful collegiate players. Rather than being a ranking list, we focuses on connecting parents of aspiring college golfers with coaches who have the necessary expertise and track record to help their children achieve their dreams.

The purpose of FCG Coach is twofold. Firstly, it aims to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of coaches who consistently demonstrate their skills in nurturing and training young golfers. By recognizing their great work, FCG Coach aims to motivate and encourage coaches to continue their valuable contributions to the development of junior golfers.

Secondly, FCG Coach recognizes the importance of educating parents about the college golf journey and helping them connect with coaches who possess the required expertise to guide their children effectively. By simplifying the process of connecting parents with trusted coaches, FCG Coach aims to enhance the chances of aspiring junior golfers realizing their dreams of playing golf at the collegiate level.

Our board members

Meet the FCG Coach Team

Chris Smeal

Founder, Future Champions Golf

Derek Uyeda

PGA Tour Coach

Alex Weber

CEO, ThrivSports

Lorin Anderson

The Proponent Group

Dana Dahlquist

PGA & LPGA Tour Coach

Tim Mahoney

Dir. of Instruction, Troon
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